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Serafin's Bronze

Sea Creature Sculptures

In 2017 Serafin wanted to take his sea creatures from his paintings and bring them to life in a 3D format using clay.  His ultimate goal was to collaborate with a foundry and turn his clay into beautiful bronze sculptures.  Serafin thanks veteran gallery owner and friend Bridget Coghill for introducing him to AFA Foundry in Burbank, Ca.  Serafin spent two years driving back and forth from his H.B. studio to collaborate with the artists at AFA.  The entire lost wax bronze process is absolutely amazing.  An ample amount of time and devotion go into one sculpture.  "Coming up with just the right patina was the most gratifying part of the process for me., Serafin says.  Various chemicals, fire and paint make up the wonderful patinas in Serafin's Sea Creatures.

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