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Joe Vickers has his own style. Creating your own style as an artist is something you cannot force. It comes with passion and devotion in the studio. Joe’s vision is what separates him from other surf artists. You can see he takes pride in composition, color and line. His whimsical approach and accurate interpretation of the ocean is breathtaking.This beautiful mixed media work of art by Joe Vickers is done on an old school replica surfboard.

An alaia (pronounced /ɑːˈlaɪɑː/) is a thin, round-nosed, square-tailed surfboard ridden in pre-20th century Hawaii.  The boards were about 7 to 12 ft long, weighed up to 100 lb, and generally made from the wood of the Koa Tree. They are distinct from modern surfboards in that they have no ventral fins, and instead rely on the sharpness of the edges to hold the board in the face of the wave.


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