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Serafin is a North American artist who grew up in Huntington Beach, California, born in 1973.  In1999 Serafin created a name for himself with his Sunset Resolution photographic diary of a year of sunsets.  Since then he has become a leader in the beach culture art movement.  Serafin evokes a pure feeling of joy and peace through his paintings of the natural beauty of the coastline, ocean depths and everything the two have to offer.  His works are in various Galleries along the California coast and Hawaii.  You can also visit the Serafin Gallery located in the Waterfront Hilton, Huntington Beach.   Serafin’s work encapsulates exactly what the traveler or local is fulfilling by visiting and living in such beautiful and bountiful places.Serafin’s painting began with a depiction of “Surf Culture”.  His surf pieces took off in the beach communities from San Diego to LA.  As Josh evolved as an artist his body of work began to encompass all of the aspects of life that hold beauty and excitement for him; from surfing ocean waves, snowboarding down snow blanketed trails, hiking mountain peaks, admiring the human form to strumming a cord.
As his subject matter expanded his painting surface changed from canvas to panel to finally his use of the ancient art of reverse technique painting on glass.  All the while maintaining his use of oil paints and various mediums to manipulate the texture and appearance of the paint.  Serafin’s canvas size has grown from the standard 30"x40” to 30"x80” on glass  His pieces are multilayered giving his works amazing texture and his glass pieces a unique color, both exhibiting movement emotion and awe.  His work is done with brushes, his fingers and pallet knives.  Serafin has the unique ability to see his piece in his mind and bring it to cultivation layer by layer.

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Inside Serafin's Studio
Reflections program for a middle school project.

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