Artist Statement by Joshua Serafin


During an early morning kayak fishing session I catch a glimpse of shiny mackaral racing under me and watch as they vanish within seconds.  The amazement I feel as their Iridescence hue and composition implant in my mind, the wonder of what gliding through water feels like to these fish and the endless hidden beauty in the depths of the ocean.  This experience puts a calmness through my body and a chuckle for no one to hear.  In this moment my next painting begins, this is the beginning of my artistic process.  Within seconds, I have a visual of how I will paint the beauty, the joy and peace I experienced in that moment.  I create two-dimensional art to share experiences and feelings like this that bring me happiness.  The connection I feel to nature and all of the beauty around me is what I want to share through my work.  My goal is for the viewer to feel their own joy,  peace and connection to the beautiful world around them by gazing into my works of art.